Drop In welcome and introductions :)

For information and chat about BRDs Drop-In sessions
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For information and chat about BRDs Drop-In sessions
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Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby Chick Dastardly » 17 Mar 2014, 12:02


Welcome to the Bristol Roller Derby forum :) If you're currently/interested in skating at Drop In sessions please get registered and then subscribe to the Drop In section (it's a little link at the bottom left of the page that says "subscribe forum")
That way you'll get an email each time something new is posted in this section. There are a few things coming up in the new future that will interest you and it's a great way to make sure you don't miss out on the news from the facebook page / hearing the details at the Drop In sessions.

Anyway... I thought I'd start up a thread for everyone to say hello - regardless of how long you've been coming to Drop In (or whether you started at drop in and now are skating in BRD), whether you're a coach or a helper, and for BRD members to say hello to people too.

I'll start :P

I'm Chick Dastardly, I coached a lot more when Drop In first started, but then eased off for a while. Last year I took a break from roller derby for about 6 months but now I'm BAAAACK and am buzzing again already :D I'll probably be along to coach Drop In (or help) about once a month. I know some of you more than others and some not at all - but looking forward to getting to know you all better. I feel a T-Recs social should totally happen soon :mrgreen:

(ps - how AWESOME was Gremilyn's jam at the end of the Paris bout? We all raised the roof! :D )

Nita Nitro
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Re: Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby Nita Nitro » 17 Mar 2014, 12:30


I'm Nitro & I'm usually at drop in. Though, I think most drop in regulars know who I am. I have been with BRD for a bit but missed a lot of last year because I had a ton of of other stuff going on. So now I'm back I'm just trying to get as much time on skates as I can. I seem to be half there for the practise and half to help out at the moment :D

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Re: Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby rupertj » 17 Mar 2014, 13:00

Hi, I'm Rupert (or Ru to most people). I've been coming to drop in for pretty much all of this year (bar a few missed when I was on holiday or was an idiot and left my helmet at home...). Otherwise I make internet things, ride bikes, take pictures and stuff like that :)

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Re: Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby Tuesday » 17 Mar 2014, 13:08

Hi I'm Jess aka "CUNexTuesday" I started 9months ago and recently just passed all my min skills now i skate with BRD on Mondays and Sundays:)) I love drop in and hope not to give it up but it's hard when ur training 3times a week. As rookies is no more we have kinda be thrown into the deep end to mon&sun but I'm loving it, even if you don't have a clue what your doing it's GREAT FUN! X

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Re: Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby hpope » 17 Mar 2014, 13:32

My name is Heather I am complete novice to skating I used to blade when I was little but nothing major so this drop in sess will be my third time on quads and I am loving it so far I would love to get into a team eventually but it may be a long way off for me as need a lot more confidence with skating and falling over lol.
I currently attend drop in sessions on Thursdays with my husband Adam who is already been asked into the mens team which is great he has a gum shield now so he will prob be up with the lads this week.
I wanted to get into a hobbie that I could really get my teeth into and so far I am loving skating I watched the matches on sunday and this made me want to do it even more.
look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

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Re: Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby Bear » 17 Mar 2014, 13:48

Hi I'm Bear,

I started skating a few years ago with Kernow Rollers in Cornwall and moved to Bristol last year. Most of you know me because I spend a lot of time shouting 'Bend Your Knees!' at you in the 'shallow end'. I'm there most Thursdays and have seen loads of people move from the shallow end to the deep end, go on to pass minimum skills and become ah-mazing skaters. It makes me very happy.

See you on Thursdays!

Bear x

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Re: Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby Knockers » 17 Mar 2014, 14:01

Hi I'm the other Jess (Ingram - skate name to be confirmed),
I am always at Drop-In, spend my whole week looking forward to it :0)
I started last year but chipped a bone in my coccyx so had a few months off - my advice to anyone starting skating would be to get yourself an 'Azzpadz' - available from all good bum protection retailers!
Outside of Derby - Weirdo, love to drink, married to an army man, Mum to 3 and responsible full time job, mouth like a sewer ;0)

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Re: Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby kirstiedeb » 17 Mar 2014, 14:37

Hello all,

My names Kirstie and I've been a roller derby addict for about a month. It has been one day since my last fix (watching the bout on Sunday) and four days since I went to the last drop in session!

A bit about me; I used to do figure skating and speed skating at Rollerworld in my hometown of Colchester when I was a kid, but have only just started skating again after a 10yr break I didnt realise there was anywhere to skate indoors in Bristol, aside from roller discos which in my past experience are riddles with little ones shuffling along on fisher price skates and I wouldnt want to run them over! So having got back on my wheels, I'm just trying to remember how to skate and find my confidence again and get used to the completely different posture and stops used in derby... I'm probably one of the ones Bear Thrylls (love the name!) shouts at because I can't bend my knees properly thanks to a high heel related injury last year! :-(

I've spent the last month impulse buying from the Roller Derby recyclables FB page so am now completely broke but well equipped! You'll recognise me as the one that finds it easier to go backwards than forwards (yep, I'm weird)
I'm loving the roller derby ethos, it's the first sport where I dont feel immediately ostracised and it's the first sport I have ever watched live (having always rolled eyes at football watching obsessed friends). Plus I'm a big fan of clever puns and I love making/eating cake so hopefully I'll fit right in! ;-)

See you on Thursday! :-D

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Dire Skates
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Re: Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby Dire Skates » 17 Mar 2014, 15:57

Hello Drop-In'ers!

I'm Dire Skates and ive been going to Drop-In session since August 2013. My sister has skated with BRD since the early days and she me involved since BRD put the word out for male skaters.

Drop-In has been a massive aid in getting me through my minimum skills as well as teching me about the sport. I've always found the coaches and more experienced skaters to be extremely helpful and full of useful info whether it be skating skills or general derby based questions. The sessions are well structured and cater for complete beginners to those who have passed their minimum skills.

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Re: Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby Brizzee » 17 Mar 2014, 15:59

Hello, I'm Amy, I've been coming to drop in since September, and I'm a little bit obsessed with roller derby to the point where I'm not allowed to talk about it to my non-derby friends and relations any more. I used to skate when I was little, but Sept was the first time I'd put skates on for 20 years. I'm currently (along with Jess Ingram) in the process of joining BRD - SO EXCITED. I've met some lovely lovely people through drop in already, roller derby folks are possibly the most friendly and welcoming folks there are.

HTM Hell
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Re: Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby HTM Hell » 17 Mar 2014, 23:02

Hello, I'm HTM Hell otherwise known as JP.

I coach at drop-in and also skate for Vice Quad, Bristols Men's team. I started skating just over a year ago through drop-in myself. Since then I've ticked off my minimum skills, played in the first Men's bout for Bristol, taken to wearing meggings and have grown a beard. I love roller derby and I love the people I've met through roller derby even more.



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Re: Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby HMS Wreck'er » 18 Mar 2014, 11:30

Hi peeps

HMS Wreck'er here. I'm the small, quiet one usually hiding at the back - NOT! Ha ha ha ;-)

I coach at Drop-In (it's my turn this Thursday!) and play for the Harbour Harlot Bees.

I joined BRD at the end of 2012. I hadn't put skates on since I was about 11 (a fair amount of water has passed under the bridge since then!) and for me, Drop-in was instrumental in helping me pass my skills (thanks Chick!).

Derby girls may seem like an intimidating bunch, but as a fairly new sport (BRD is 4 years old this May), most of the skaters you see will only have started themselves a few years ago. Come and ask us anything - at Drop-in, at bouts, down the pub - it's fair to say that we all love talking Derby :-)

See you soon

Madge x

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Poison Ivy
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Re: Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby Poison Ivy » 18 Mar 2014, 13:39

Hello! I'm not a drop inner (my knees are too fucked for skating) but I'm the head NSO (non skating official) for the league and I'd like to say a thank you to those of you who come to Sunday scrimmages to help out and improve your derby brain while you're getting your skills. I've seen two lots of fresh meat intakes and a fair few rookies, and the ones who NSO learn so much about the sport and are better derby girls and boys for their NSO experiences.

My name is Emmy or Bald Evil and you'll find me at Sunday scrimmages with a whistle or a clipboard or a stopwatch. I have no hair, a Scottish accent and am fairly easy to find ;)

Come along, I promise I don't bite and it'll get you involved in BRD and make your learning derby go so much faster!

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Re: Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby Tooms » 18 Mar 2014, 21:34

Hey there. I'm Tooms (or Ruth, Red, Oy You, not fussy).

I started at drop-in almost exactly a year ago, at the grand old age of 40. I looked at the deep-end on my first few sessions and thought I would never get there. I then looked at the league and thought I would never get there either. With the support and encouragement of the drop-in peeps ("Bend your ******* knees Red!!) I've passed my minimum skills and it has all happened.It's a great place to learn the skills, a brilliant atmosphere, and I really look forward Thursday nights.

P.S. I think a drop-in social is an excellent idea. I do actually talk when drunk!!

P.P.S. Gremilyn was proper awesome on Sunday!

Wolverine Bruise
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Re: Drop In welcome and introductions :)

Postby Wolverine Bruise » 21 Mar 2014, 11:29

Hi everybody, I'm Bruise, or Brew, or Wolverine, or Dave :)

I was at the very first drop-in session, albeit off skates, way back in the mists of time. Well August 2012. I had never put on skates until later that month, but ended up joining up with the fresh meat intake a short while after. I've still got one quarter of a min-skill to tick off (grrrrr :evil: ) but am getting there (yay :mrgreen: ).

As well as playing, I also ref, so will occasionally blow a whistle at you and tell you off :)

I'd like to echo what Bald Evil has said about helping out with officiating, it's a really good way to learn stuff about the rules and what's going on in general.

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