How to graduate from Drop-in to becoming a skater in BRD

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For information and chat about BRDs Drop-In sessions
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How to graduate from Drop-in to becoming a skater in BRD

Postby HTM Hell » 20 Apr 2014, 20:51

How do I graduate from skating in Drop-in to becoming a skater in Bristol Roller Derby?

If you’ve been coming to Drop-In Derby on a Thursday night for a while and want to progress, you’ll probably be asking the question “how do I join Bristol Roller Derby?”.

You’ve already started! Drop-In is the main way into the league if you’re new to roller derby.We’ll help you progress to the point where you can start to cross off your minimum skills.

If you don’t know about minimum skills, here’s a simple explanation. Minimum skills are like a driving test for roller derby, and they include the practical and the theory. Before you can join Bristol Roller Derby aka BRD (or any roller derby league) as a skating member, you have to pass all of your minimum skills.

So how do you do this?

1. Get a progression tracker from the forum.
If you haven’t met the Bristol Roller Derby forum already, then now if a good time. Register and login to find the progression sheet. The direct link to how to get a tracker is Once you have the tracker setup It will help you focus on the skills that need work, as well as track the skills you’ve mastered. If you’re unsure how the progression sheet works, just email a member of the Drop-In coaching team on and we’ll get you set up with your progression tracker.

2. Keep track of your progression.
Like most things in life, new skills take a while to master, so you’ll want to keep a track of your progression. If you update your progression regularly you’ll know exactly where you are as a skater, and so will we.

3. Think you’re doing ok? How to start your minimum skills.
When you feel you’re skating is confident enough, speak to a Drop-In coach or email to let us know that you want to start crossing off your minimum skills.

4. A minimum skills assessor will check that you're ready to sign off your skills.
Next a minimum skills assessor will come to one of the Drop-In sessions to see how well you are progressing and check that you’re ready to start ticking off your minimum skills. They aren’t there for you to “try-out”, it’s really just so that they can put a face to the name and see that you’re confident on skates and can skate well.

5. Start signing off those min-skills.
If the assessor thinks you’re ready you’ll be invited to start signing off those minimum skills. However that’s not all, you’ll also begin the process of becoming a league member.

6. Become a paid-up league member.
At this point you’ll be asked to join BRD and set up a standing order of £20 a month. Included in this cost are the Drop-In sessions, so you won’t have to pay for them each week any more. Also you’ll be asked to come along to help out at the scrimmages that we run each Sunday as well as observe the main league’s Monday night training sessions.

The idea of inviting you to these sessions, is to introduce you to other league members, show you how we play the game and also to show you what the next step will be for you after you pass your minimum skills.

7. Pass all of your minimum skills.
That’s the final step, just pass all your skills and you’ll be invited to start attending the main league training sessions by a member of the league’s coaching team.

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