Demon X D30 Kneepads

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HMS Wreck'er
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Demon X D30 Kneepads

Postby HMS Wreck'er » 25 Sep 2013, 18:38

Hi all

Steve and I invested in these last Christmas and they have since started to fall apart :cry:

Not being best pleased about this, given how darned expensive they were, I wrote to them today.

This is the response I got:

'Thank you for trashing our pads! We are dedicated to making the strongest, most protective pads for derby and we really appreciate your feedback and results. We are sorry the Version 1 did not hold up to the test you put them through...We have a version 2 being released soon. We have some of the first Version 2 in stock that we are testing now...If you would like to test the version 2 I can get you a 50% discount..we would send you the new pads and hope to get your feedback after you have tested them...they looks the same as the Version 1 but have higher quality materials. We only have size Medium..If this works for you use the coupon code RATKING on our site and put in the notes section Version 2.'

I'd heard that I was not the first person to come across this problem with these pads (Tilly? Riot?).

Any of you have any ideas how to respond (neither of us wear a medium)? Preferably politely and not of the going-round-and-shooting-them-in-the-face variety.


Madge x

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Re: Demon X D30 Kneepads

Postby Kamo » 25 Sep 2013, 18:49

Lolz... this reads 'if you would like to pay for the joy of beta testing another of our products step this way'.
I unfortunately have nothing constructive to add at this juncture, the farcical response has thrown me!

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da silva surfer
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Postby da silva surfer » 26 Sep 2013, 08:16

I know most people who have them had problems with theirs. They should be giving them to you for free not offering 50% off a test version that's ridiculous! Don't know what to suggest some sort or compensation would be nice really...

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Re: Demon X D30 Kneepads

Postby Lil » 26 Sep 2013, 08:35

This is gonna be a bit rushed, because I need to get to work!

I'd reply saying that their response was not to your satisfaction, and no thanks for testing their new knee pads (and having to pay for the priviledge??). I'd definitely throw in the words "not fit for purpose" for describing the ones you bought, as they were expensive and safety gear you'd expect them to, ummm, not fall apart after less than a year? And as that phrase is used in the law it's a pretty good one to throw in worded exactly like that. Maybe mention the fact that you skate for BRD and you know many, many other people who have had less expensive pads that have held together for longer than yours.

The advantage of mentioning BRD is that hopefully they might realise that if they deal with this in a crap manner they now have 60+ potential customers who are definitely NOT going to be buying their knee pads... or probably anything else they ever make.

Finally, if you want something (like money back), ask for it. They might not want to give it to you but at least you're not waiting for them to offer it and dropping hint after hint. Or if you'd be happy to accept 2.0s for free, tell them that (I guess paying for one pair of knee pads and having them effectively last two years wouldn't be a bad outcome) - but that depends on your confidence in the product.

Goodl luck!

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