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Posted: 17 Dec 2010, 16:55
by Chick Dastardly

Top tip:

If you want to pull all the BRD info into your own google calendar this is really easy to do

1) Login to your google calendar (if you don't have a google account you'll have to create one)

2) At the side under "my calendars" is "other calendars". Click the Add at the bottom of this, and select "by URL". Paste the address of the BRD calendar (listed below) into the box and click Add. (leave the "make publicly visible" unticked)

3) You can turn this off and on by clicking on the name of the calendar.




These are our publicly available calendars, so anyone can view these but only we edit them, it will be a quick way for you to see all up to date times and important events.

Hope this is helpful :)

Posted: 11 Apr 2011, 08:04
by Chick Dastardly

bump, just in case it's useful to anyone

Posted: 11 Apr 2011, 08:07
by Acid Drop

Ahh! Thanks! This is very useful.... I've been doing it manually!

Posted: 11 Apr 2011, 10:38
by Tuff'n Rumble

Ahh brilliant, thanks Chick! ^_^

Is there a link to the home bouts too?

Tuff :) x

Posted: 11 Apr 2011, 10:47
by Chick Dastardly

hmmm - i think the bouts have been put in the wrong calendar, possibly. I think bouts should go under "interleague" and home bout either in same one or under "Events"...

Posted: 11 Apr 2011, 14:01
by Tuff'n Rumble

Ah ok. Well as there's only the three, I just copied them across :)