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Rules Class Notes - 5th June 2011

Posted: 21 Jun 2011, 10:54
by Chick Dastardly
Sorry it's taken me SO long to upload this document onto the forum. Here's the notes from the rules class I took on Sunday 5th June. We went over the rules that affect "The Pack", we went over the rules from section 4 of the WFTDA rules book, and bulked it out with the explanations that Roller Derby Rule of the Day has given

I just copied and pasted into a doc for me to refer to during the class ->
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But these are pretty much straight off RDRotD (plus a few things from their facebook page / comments etc)

We also went over how these rules are applied in the use of tactics/strategy:
* Poodling (standing in front of pivot line or behind jammer line (when you're a blocker) to pick up a forth minor and get sent to the box, so that you can line up with a clean sheet)
* Knee starts (if all of one team are not standing then there is a "no pack" situation as soon as the first whistle goes, which means the jammer whistle goes immediately as no pack is called - NOTE -> no penalties (for intentionally splitting the pack) are given in this case! (see
* Bridging - helping your blocker chase the jammer out of the pack (or a back blocker get further behind the pack) by making sure that they do not go out of the engagement zone.
* Taking out a bridge - pretty self explanatory
* Catching a goat - to slow down the pack, trap one of the opposing blockers and slow right down, as the pack is defined as the largest group of blockers from both teams

There's alsothis EXCELLENT video of a fast jammer start without breaking rule 4.4.2(Jammers may not be accelerating at the Jammer starting whistle.) - pretty difficult to get away with! But she can see the final blocker about to go over the pivot line and doesn't land on the track until *after* the jammer whistle. Worth a watch. Not much to do with "The Pack", but it's in that section of the rules.