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Posted: 05 Apr 2011, 11:58
by Mr Incredibrawl


A quick question to everyone, is anyone able to lend me some harder wheels (I'm thinking about 94/95A) for a session with a view to me buying them if they work out alright? I need to get my speed up and I'm thinking this might help.

Cheers ta!

Posted: 05 Apr 2011, 12:46
by Acid Drop

I'm on Radar Tuner reds... I think they are 93a, but you are welcome to try them... what do you skate on currently?

Posted: 05 Apr 2011, 13:13
by Devine Retribution

i have deamons which are 95/7?? i cant quite remember but they are as hard as you like! and your welcome to try, they have fast bearings in them too and are currently sitting in my spare room so it would be no hassle!

Posted: 05 Apr 2011, 15:34
by Mr Incredibrawl

Well, if either are free I would like to give them all a go.

I'm skating on Fugitives at the moment, 88s and 92s. For a 19st chap, I'm wondering if they might be a bit too soft.

Thanks ladies!

Posted: 05 Apr 2011, 15:38
by Devine Retribution

when you next gonna be at training good sir?

Posted: 05 Apr 2011, 15:45
by Mr Incredibrawl

Well, I'll be there with Angie on Friday giving the new NSOs the 411 on NSO stuff. After that, it'll only be on Sundays. What say you?

Posted: 06 Apr 2011, 07:53
by Devine Retribution

ill bring it on friday xx

Posted: 07 Apr 2011, 06:39
by Mr Incredibrawl

Righto! Ta very much!

Posted: 07 Apr 2011, 18:28
by Winged Nut

I have just bought some Fugitives today, so my red Twisters are spare if you want to try them? I had no idea how hard they were (I'm so crap with all the technical stuff!) but a quick Google search claims them to be 96A - whatever that means!

I'll bring them tomorrow and if you want to try them you're welcome to! x

Posted: 07 Apr 2011, 18:31
by Chick Dastardly

ooh which fugitives did you get? i think that's what i'm going for but wasn't sure which hardness to go for

Posted: 07 Apr 2011, 20:56
by Winged Nut

I don't know, I just asked for pink ones... ;-)

Posted: 07 Apr 2011, 20:56
by Winged Nut

(Got them from James btw)

Posted: 07 Apr 2011, 21:18
by Mr Incredibrawl

Fugitives tend to be 92A I think (quite hard), unless they are the grey or orange pushers which are 88A.

Posted: 08 Apr 2011, 07:36
by Winged Nut

Aah, right. I just tried out Taya's and thought 'ere these make me go faster easier!' lol


Posted: 09 Apr 2011, 23:27
by Jam Tart

@chick.....I've just bought fugitive mids - went for blue 90's and purple 88's ....I really love them. It also means I have a spare set of regular width fugitives 92a if you want to try them out on your skates :)