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Power Kraut
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Jedi Master
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Postby Power Kraut » 03 Aug 2010, 11:27

Just wanted to put a warning here not to buy the "6 way multi tool" from skate attack ( I bought one and it was so badly made the socket wasn't properly attached to the handle, so you can turn and turn without movign the bolt! The one from Rollermania is much better (

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Devine Retribution
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Postby Devine Retribution » 04 Aug 2010, 10:13

I have the tool from rollermania which has 3 arms (like a star shape) and its brill!! Each arm has a different sized tool, one for wheels one for trucks not sure about the other it also has a hidden screwdriver which im sure will come in very useful. it was only £5 so didnt break the bank and i have used it so much already.

Mortabella Bam
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Postby Mortabella Bam » 04 Aug 2010, 14:41

Mine's from Rollermania for £5 and people are welcome to have a little look at it tomorrow before they buy it. It's the one that's compact with different arms.

Green Demon
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Postby Green Demon » 04 Aug 2010, 14:49

The one that comes free with the Roces skates is rubbish! It broke as soon as I used it. Don't plan on relying on it.

Winged Nut
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Jedi Knight
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Postby Winged Nut » 06 Aug 2010, 21:01

I bought the tool from skate attack (it only arrived yesterday so granted, I've only used it once!) but mine seems ok... I'll let you know if it busts later!


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