Breaking in new skates

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Breaking in new skates

Postby tessrobs » 16 Dec 2011, 02:24

Has anyone got any good tips/tricks for breaking in new skates?

- I've never had to break in leather skates before so I don't really know what it entails :| But if anyone's got any useful info they'd like to pass on please do! I've just bought some 265s with Revenge plate (they arrived in Swansea today!) so if anyone's got advice for that boot inparticular all the better - but really, anything at all would be helpful!


Agyness :)

Minxie Mayhem
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Breaking in new skates

Postby Minxie Mayhem » 16 Dec 2011, 13:30

265s really killed my heel so if u have any heel pads this may help, I think mine is slightly disfigured now :(

La Bicha
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Re: Breaking in new skates

Postby La Bicha » 16 Dec 2011, 17:06

OOh, fancy! I think "breaking in" is basically enduring a bit of agony while they stretch enough to accommodate your feet. I'd do what I used to do with my old leather skate boots: wear them around the house every day in small periods of time, as they might totally destroy you if you bring them to a full-on 2 hour session for the first time. It may be boring, but probably worth it?

Another thing you could do is fixing the outdoor wheels and going for short skates, as the irregular terrain might encourage the softening of the skin (hopefully in the shoe, not your feet). Gel pads are definitely worth considering, yes. :)

Goldie Lookin Pain
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Re: Breaking in new skates

Postby Goldie Lookin Pain » 17 Dec 2011, 15:29

these saved my life literally (well my feet) ....

i think my feet would have been amputated by now if not! :lol:

vaseline coated on feet before helps prevent rubbing, party gel feet help too for balls of feel or under heel... note wilinson do there own brand for 99p bargain! esp as you will go through a load! way cheaper and just the same as the scholl ones for £3 ish....

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