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Mimi K
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Helmet for sale!

Postby Mimi K » 04 Feb 2013, 20:12

Hello! I have finally given up on the £5 helmet that has never fitted my head! (I'm binning that one, not selling it, it's useless!)

But in doing so I have ordered two different helmets so I can be sure it fits, so I'm either selling:

Pro-Tec Classic Helmet in Matt Brown: Size Small £20
Pro-Tec Classic Helmet in Charcoal: Size X-Small £29

I can just sent the one that doesn't fit back, but if anyone's interested in buying the one I don't keep then it saves ya'll the postage.

(I know these are quite small, I have a tiny head! So I'm not sure anyone will actually be interested but thought I'd put the offer out there!)

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