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Reidell R3 and other skate gear for sale - second hand

Posted: 28 Aug 2014, 21:50
by brookiller_devil
Hey girls, sorry to spam your forum but as an ex BRD girl I hope I can get away with it! I have lots of derby gear for sale - Size 5 Riedell R3 skates (good condition, bit scuffed and wheels need a clean but plenty left in them yet), Scabs knee pads, Anarchy elbow pads, SFR wrist guards, helmet plus some red Harbour Harlots shorts (size 10/12) and some purple Smash Vandals (the BEST team!) hotpants, skirt and tutu. Mostly made by the tres talented T-Wrecks.This could be the perfect starter kit for someone - and I'll even throw in the snazzy zebra print suitcase :-) Pictures in the attachment. Email me if you're interested. Address is or PM me on Facebook

Thanks! x