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Jam Strap

Posted: 20 May 2015, 13:12
by da silva surfer
This could be useful for people who need some extra heal/foot/boot support:

Re: Jam Strap

Posted: 20 May 2015, 15:21
by Power Kraut
Yeah I'm quite intrigued by this. My Antiks are fine but this kind of thing might have given my old boots a bit more life...

Re: Jam Strap

Posted: 07 Jun 2015, 14:11
by HardNSharpe
I've been given a pair of jam straps to review. I'm going to wear them for a week, because I didn't notice a whole load of difference after one session, to see if I notice the lack of them after instead.

After that I'll hurt be keeping them in my kit bag if anyone wants a go