The new forum - what to do first

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The new forum - what to do first

Postby Chick Dastardly » 26 Apr 2011, 13:33

1. Try to login with your old username and password, this won't allow you access as the passwords were not ported over, but you will get a message allowing you to reset your password (the forum will send the email to the address it has on record)

2. The forum will display your username, not the display name from the old forum. To change this:
    click "user control panel" (top left)
    click "profile" tab"
    select "edit account settings" (left)
    change your username to your skate name

3. I was unfortunately never sent a membership list, and so have had to trawl through usernames from the old forum to try and see who should have access to the private sections. I've definitely not got everyone! It was really difficult process to try and find people. So if you've done the above steps, are a current member of BRD and can't see the private sections then please send me a message. I'm sorry if I missed you it's just it was really difficult to do :S

I will do other posts about how to use the new forum as soon as I get time, a key thing to use is "subscribing" to threads and forums. So you can get alerts when new posts are made to that thread / in that forum, without having to keep checking back or trawling through everything on the forum.

Also the forum will most likely get a new theme, but I'm waiting til we can make sure it all works properly first before tinkering with the look of it

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